Long Island family photos are the ideal way to add to this narrative of your family’s life.

Family Photos

Your family is where your personal story begins and ends—and now more than ever, that tale has come to take on even more importance. To illustrate the precious narrative of our shared lives, increasing numbers of families are choosing to add pictures: baby pictures, summer family photos, outdoor family photos, individual and group portraits, holiday moments. Then there are the snippets of everyday existence.

All of these are captures of time that, like the click of a camera shutter itself, are here, then gone in an instant. Think of it as “future nostalgia.” Long Island family photos are the ideal way to add to this narrative of your family’s life. Set in the right Long Island locations, this kind of carefully crafted imagery can turn “remember when?” into “oh hey, look at this!”

Backyard Photos with family

There’s something casually authentic about capturing a sudden moment of inspiration on a family “stay-cation” in your own Long Island backyard or during a simple day trip to the Hamptons or a Long Island nature preserve. Whether it lands all of you in a field bursting with sunflowers in late summer or finds you milling about in a maze of pumpkins or acres of apple trees with fruit ready for autumn picking, this is the kind of story Placid Media can help you illustrate.

On Long Island, a backdrop of grassy fields, a rich North Shore orchard or a New York State park can add to the ease of taking family photographs in a socially distant manner, something that is safe and reassuring as we all negotiate these pandemic times with our families. Home, of course, is the safest place for family photographs during the current pandemic but as restrictions ease, these other outdoor locations beckon as being particularly picturesque—and they still offer some measure of safe distance for formal portraiture.

Indoor Family Photos

Or, bring it closer to home: Your family photographs may want to include one or more of your pets or a game of tennis or catch in the backyard. (More than people, pets somehow have mastered the art of that perfect candid moment and are so much less self-conscious than us; they’re naturals at inspiring many portrait subjects to relax with them in front of the lens). So, include your pets in the outdoor game and suddenly these posed photos morph into exciting action shots! (Expect to share the spotlight, however). Laughter can and should be a part of the moment, showing your happiness in being together as a family.

Baby Photos

Is there anything brighter than a baby’s smile? Other than sunshine itself, probably not. Why not capture both radiant elements in family photos that put your newest member of the household front and center? Accessorize a little: wear outfits with complementary colors (or do you perhaps have jerseys from your favorite sports team?). For the baby, add a treasured toy to focus on. There can also be great whimsy in a baby’s facial expressions, moments of surprise and delight as this family photo shoot unfolds into your little one’s first formal portrait experience. Find ways to engage your baby and let the camera’s lens do the rest.

Family Photos in a playground

Bear in mind that you want your family photographs to have some visual continuity so choose your outfits and their colors with this in mind. We can help you find a well-lit area outdoors where you can take advantage of the sunlight without being in full glare. To add some visual interest, play a little with the placement of a few family members at different heights. If you’re at a picnic area, some of you may want to sit at the table, others may want to stand beside it. If you’re at a playground, make use of the swings and the see-saw. If it helps to bring along some small chairs, step stools, or even a small ladder to help vary the levels at which everyone is placed, go for it! You can incorporate these into the portraits too and we’ll work with you to put it all together. You may want to group siblings together, even if they’re adults with children of their own. You may want to group cousins together with or without spouses. Or you may at least want one big intergenerational portrait. Give careful thought to how you’d like to present family relationships in the language of imagery: You have many options.


Long Island Family Friendly Photographer

Don’t forget your backdrops! Long Island’s outdoors is famous for its beaches and parks. See if you can incorporate interesting cloud formations, a fabulous old tree, or some weathered fencing. There are plenty of barns and sheds waiting to play a best supporting role while your family stars in this chapter of its story. If the location has a particular significance for some or all members of the family, so much the better! Placid Media’s photography services are very family-friendly (after all, we have families too!) If you’re short on ideas and want to brainstorm with us, give us a call.