indian haldi ceremony is an important as mehendi ceremony. indian photographer in long island, new york
turmeric is significant in indian cuisine. long island photographer placid media explains
haldi_paste_applied_to_the_bride_and_groom_faces_neck_hands_and_feet_by_their_loved_ones. indian_photographer_in_ny
yellow color paste applies to new couple. indian_photographer_in_long_island_newyork.
couple looks radiant and wonderful on wedding day. long_island_photographer_placidmedia.
haldi application before marriage ensures that the bride and groom are  blessed with a blemish-free skin.
haldi ceremony ensures that the couple is protected against any cuts, bruises or ailments before wedding
haldi purifies and cleanses the body as it is known as an effective exfoliating agent. long island photographer
bride and groom usually not allowed to leave their home after haldi ceremony till their wedding muhurat.
haldi or turmeric known for its anti inflammatory and healing property. phtographer in centereach explains.
haldi become a popular medicine in indian culture and indian weddings. indian photographer in long island
in indian weddings, haldi is an amazing ingredient to haldi ceremony.
haldi mix with sandalwood powder and milk or with rose water.
haldi ceremony accompanied by traditional songs and dances.
bride and groom apply a small portion of this sacred paste on their unmarried friends and siblings.
yellow is a color that is associated with spring, happiness and new beginnings.
haldi-dooth is a magic drink which is slightly bitter  and peppery.