How to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Stand Out?

Your wedding bouquet plays an essential role in helping you and your wedding dress stand out from the crowd. Without the right assortment of flowers and decoration, your wedding bouquet will end up looking plain and mainstream. However, if you try to liven it up and give it a unique look, it will increase the chances of your bouquet standing out, so you can be a truly memorable bride. Weddings and engagements go by so quickly that you don’t even get time to take in every moment of them. That’s why wedding photography is so important, so that you can preserve the best parts of your day forever.

That’s why you need to have a beautiful bouquet that continues to stand out even in your photos. Here are some ways you can make your wedding bouquet stand out.

Make it Special to You

The best thing about a wedding bouquet is that you can put an assortment of flowers together and still come out with a great looking combination. Try to go for flowers that are special to you—perhaps something that reminds you of the good times in your relationship or the same kinds of flowers you got the first time you went on a date.

Even when no one else sees why you chose this particular combination of flowers, they are sure to notice that they’re different. They’ll stand out, but also have a special meaning for you and your significant other.

You can make your bouquet yourself, or have a florist put it together for you. If you can find all the flowers you had in mind, you can watch videos that teach you how to put them all together. This will make the bouquet even more special, because you know you made it with your own hands.

Pick Colorful Flowers

Many people prefer to have a bouquet made of all white flowers. These no doubt look beautiful, but if your dress is white and most of the set up of the wedding venue is white too, then your bouquet has lesser chances of standing out.

If you pick a number of assorted colorful flowers, you’ll create a great combination that not only brings life to your wedding dress as you carry it along with you, but also look amazing on its own. You can search up what the most popular flowers for the season are and make sure to use them as part of your bouquet.

Make it Complement Your Dress

One way to make a wedding bouquet stand out is by incorporating colors that complement both yours, and your fiancé’s clothes. This way, it will be all the more visible that you put in the effort to make a truly unique bouquet. You can match it with his tie, while also making it complement the color of your dress.

Final Words

Weddings and engagements are exciting events. The perfect wedding photography is all you need to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the day. You can look back at the photos and truly get a holistic perception of the entire event. Check out for wedding photography bookings.

Wedding Bouquet, How to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Shine

Wedding Bouquet

And that’s how you make a wedding and engagement bouquet! To keep the flowers fresh, fill a vase with water and keep the bouquet in it until it is time to walk down the aisle. If you are looking for a professional photographer, then visit Placid Media. The company offers wedding photography and cinematography services. To know more about their specialties, visit

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