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There are many things to consider when it comes for planning and budgeting for wedding. When it comes to budgeting, most costly areas of any wedding tends to be the venue and food. Splitting up budget for wedding is not a fun part. It is important to budget for everything. It may be from wedding venue, catering, invitations, decorations, gifts, photographers, videographers, wedding dress and so many. It may not make you happy when you know how much cost for each items that you dream for years such as flowers you love, wedding venue, dress you pinned on Pinterest and even wedding photographer service which your friend hired on their wedding.

How much a good Wedding photographer cost?

Is a professional wedding photography worth on a wedding day? Couples frequently ask this question? It is a significant investment when actually on the wedding day. How much a good wedding photographer should actually cost you and what is the benefit if you hire a professional wedding photographer? What a top photographer will give you after your wedding day?

When you prioritize the budget, you need to be prepared to put aside 10-20% of your budget for wedding photograph service. Professional photographers will provide you different packages when you request for their service. The packages starts from basic photography package which looks cheaper than other photographer. If your budget does not fit for packages does not have album, you need to consider basic package. You can add album on later stage preferably after wedding. Couples who regretted their decision not to have a professional photograph on their wedding. Also, consider how much time you need photographer. You need to decide how long you need your wedding photographer service, professional wedding photographers will work from getting ready to the first dance, or you can hire photographer for ceremony only.

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Wedding photographers have different packages to suit your budget. Most of the wedding photography package include two photographers (except basic package). Upgraded packages have two photographers shadowing you from getting ready session to reception. Lead photographer and second shooter (Second Photographer or assistant photographer) will capture each moments and will deliver hundreds of edited images. These photos shall bring back many emotions of your big day. In US, there are both cheap and expensive wedding photography packages available. It costs from $650 to $6500. Experienced photographers charge you more based on their experience. New photographers charge less as they have to build their portfolio. Experienced photographers already build their portfolio and they can show lots of photographs to their clients during sales or order processing. It is not only depends on experience of photographer to decide the cost of wedding photography service. Other factors to be considered such as travel expense of photographer, wedding photography package you selected, Length of time photographer needed on wedding day, wedding season and availability of photographers time.

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Is it worth to hire wedding photographer?

An experienced wedding photographer costs more than new photographer. Hiring an experienced photographer is less worry for you. They know your wedding functions, when to take photograph, where to get perfect shot, where to look for the special moments, lens which they have to use, lighting etc. Professional wedding photographers are talented, creative and they produce clean and impressive images. Selection of wedding photographer is depends on your budget, you need to remember that you will have only one chance to capture your wedding day, budget more money for photography service. It is more than just one day, this is lifetime of memories. A professional photographer documents your wedding day with your perfect shot of you and your partner walking down the aisle and your Mom or Dad sheds tear and watching you on your Big Day.

You may wonder why so much cost for a Professional Photographer. The professional photographer charges covers their consultation hours, travel time, travel expense, setting up time for lighting and camera equipment, photography time, uploading photos, back up of photos, editing, printing prints and shipping. Your relative or uncle friend with camera is not going to do these services. Even Uncle friend delivers all these services, the pictures wont look perfect as a professional photographer's picture. You are paying for time and experience who is doing photography for years. A professional wedding photographer charges you depends on their skill, talent and experience. If they are more popular in your city, they are in high demand. Definitely, they will charge more from other wedding photographers in same city. You need to decide about selection of photographer like luxury car or standard version car.

When you hire a wedding photographer, they may ask you to pay deposit for booking date. Most of the wedding photographers are reserved for the dates months before if they are in demand. For reserving your wedding date for wedding photography service required 10% to 50% of total amount agreed by both client and photographer. Balance amount to be paid a week or a month before the wedding day. Some Wedding Photographers may ask you to pay balance amount tp pay before deliver of photographs.

Is it worth to hire wedding photographer?

Remember! Your wedding day is more than just a day, its day of memories.... It is the day of unique memories and moments.. Capture these memories and moments is important in your life. You need to see the excitement and emotion on faces of your family and friends on your Big Day forever. Your photographs are the investments which will have life that you can share with your children and grand children. Photograph will tell about the story of your wedding day that will treasure for life. Just remember, Cake and flowers won't stay with you forever, but wedding photos will last forever. Invest in what you love and stay forever.